When people ask what I do I say:

I help sales and marketing professionals get more leads and customers using the power of LinkedIn.

What I really want to say is:

I have a background in business, design and technology and help people 10x their impact to the world.

But once you get to know me you'll say:

With his background in corporate marketing as well as over 20 years in technology he's able to see what has worked (and what's a fad) in getting more leads and sales.


  • -I've worked for over 15 years in the corporate world with roles in product development, corporate development and innovation.

  • -I've been on LinkedIn since 2003

  • -I consult with clients on how to improve their value propositions to attract more inbound opportunities and leads

  • -My clients describe me as a "person of integrity" with "unique insights" {blushing}

And when I am not consulting or creating course material to help clients generate leads, I enjoy working on my old house, travelling and binge-watching episodes of Top Gear on Netflix.

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