Building More Relationships And Leads – Key LinkedIn Strategies

What did a new LinkedOn Autopilot student learn when going through the material?

“Its loaded with a lot of useful information for beginning, intermediate and advanced users”

Jeffrey: I’m here with Mathias Ssenabulya who is an online entrepreneur working in the software consulting space. Mathias, thanks again for coming on The Call.

Mathias: Yeah, thanks. It’s great to be talking with you again.

Jeffrey: Mathias, we talked a little bit before about some of your early impressions about the LinkedIn autopilot course. Now that you’ve been through the material, what are some of the key things that you found have helped you in the material?

Mathias: I’d have to say one of the biggest take-aways I got out of the course was the idea that the process of getting the most out of LinkedIn, it is more of a habit rather than something that you do once. Like you would do a resume. And so, all throughout almost every chapter of the course, I was kind of taking notes on what I could be doing as a routine every day. And it can be as little as five minutes, fifteen minutes. Just little things that I could be doing to build relationships, increase my network, and really be doing things that are valuable for people over time. Which is really how any kind of relationship is built, is over time rather than kind of like a one shot deal.

The other thing was just lots of tips on how LinkedIn works. Ways of getting information from your network. Ways of connecting with people. I really found a lot of that was really useful.

Jeffrey: Fantastic. And in your business, do you see a way that you can use some of the techniques right away?

Mathias: Definitely. Like the techniques of things like giving recommendations using the events that happen, by events I mean updates. You know, changes of jobs. Using those things as an excuse to get in touch with people to, let’s say, congratulate people. And definitely in terms of… I think a big part of it is just building the networks. Just to be connected to more people. And then down the road when it comes time to look for a business, I can really see that I have that work, like starting that work now. And you know, investing the time now.

Jeffrey: Yeah, we often talk about it being a little bit like an annuity where you invest time and effort up front. Not a lot of time and effort, but like you said, putting in place the ingredients to make it part of your routine. To pay off large benefits later.

Mathias: Yeah.

Jeffrey: Now, did you notice anything that was an “aha” moment for you where you said, “Wow! I didn’t have any idea that using this could be so powerful?”

Mathias: One that comes to mind is the screen in LinkedIn that shows you who’s looking at your profile. I didn’t realize that you could actually correlate your activity to the number of profile views. And so, I thought that was really remarkable because it can kind of train you with immediate feedback as to how valuable or how interesting what you’re putting out there is. And you can even drill in on like where people are coming from. You know, I guess the types of people that you’re attracting by the amount of stuff that you’re putting out. And it’s like, it’s right there. It’s really immediate. So, I thought that was, that really stood out for me.

Jeffrey: Fantastic. Now, in the medium to long-term, how do you see this helping your consulting business?

Mathias: Medium to long-term. The way I look at it now is, you know, in the short-term I’m basically starting to kind of be more engaged with people I’m connected to. Then in the long-term, I see it more as kind of looking for business and looking for more connections. So some of the strategies in kind of the later chapters of the later modules of the course, like things like prospecting, profiling, that’s what I see more as a longer term. And then possibly even investing in the paid level of LinkedIn to get more insights and more capability to search and increase the business that way.

Jeffrey: Well that’s great. It sounds like you got a lot of great insights from the material. And any final words to someone who might be listening?

Mathias: I think the thing that I would say to somebody listening is that, number one, there’s a lot more, especially if you’ve been on LinkedIn for awhile and you haven’t really been digging in it. And you know, I’ve definitely fallen in that category. LinkedIn has actually a lot more to offer than you may realize. And then the other thing is, it doesn’t take that much effort to take advantage of them. So, it’s a really good deal that I think it could really pay off to invest the time or invest some money in learning how to take advantage of it. I think the pay-off is really really big, can be really big, for a lot of people.

Jeffrey: Fantastic. Well thanks, Mathias. I appreciate your feedback on the course. And best of luck with your new venture.

Mathias: Yes, thanks so much.