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“LinkedON Autopilot has been a huge benefit to my business. I can’t go a day without someone telling me they see my information on LinkedIn, and it really is an inbound generator to me. I’ve played around with FaceBook, but I’ve really stayed focused on LinkedIn and I know from my experience that’s where most people are.”

Irma Deacon
IDEA Events

Although I used LinkedIn for basic research and occasional group posting, the LinkedOn Autopilot Course unveiled the true power of LinkedIn for today’s business development professional. In addition to great points that outlined the business case for social selling, I got step-by-step instruction for how to prepare my profile, leverage LinkedIn tools and start the process. If you are a sales professional and need to know how to prospect in today’s business environment, stay aligned with your customers needs, and understand your competitors, then you have to get LinkedOn Autopilot and broaden your knowledge and skills on how to leverage LinkedIn for success.

Steve Hanna
Fresh Canteen

"I found the course very easy to follow and informative. I was moving to a new area for my service offerings and found the information very applicable to my specific needs.In fact I believe that the changes I made to my LinkedIn profile as a result of going through the material has led me to land several new clients in the last few weeks.

I recommend putting in place the information in the LinkedOnAutopilot course to help you generate more opportunities”

Justin Jacques
Infusionsoft Consultant
Eugene Ting, Founder

"As someone who has experience in a corporate environment, and as someone who has a diversified professional background that includes design, marketing, and eCommerce, I knew it was important to have a strong, professional LinkedIn strategy to help me stand out above the crowd.

With the help of LinkedOn Autopilot I was able to create more connections and I am well on the way to generating a six-figure business because of the time I have spent using LinkedIn. I am glad I chose the LinkedOn Autopilot Mastermind group. The time was definitely well spent and working directly with both Jeffrey and Andrew helped me a lot in thinking through how to best craft my strategy. I highly recommend LinkedOn Autopilot to anyone who wants to build connections and opportunities that are “second to none.”

Eugene Ting, Founder
My Plan Map